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Sustainable & Functional:

Using environmentally friendly and sustainable resources are very important to us. We have done our homework, and made sure that we work with suppliers that truly share these values. This is why we have chosen to work with the 'Tiny Box Company' for all of our packaging for our jewellery. The Tiny Box Company use sustainably sourced, recycled paper and boxboard, and their products can be recycled again after use. You can read more about the 'Tiny Box Company' & their journey here  

Out of their extensive range, we have chosen a luxury matchbox style box, in two sizes, in matte black. These beautiful boxes are made from 40% recycled boxboard, and using the matte finish means they are fully recyclable. Inside the box, a layer of fully recycled, acid free tissue is used to add a layer of protection for your jewellery during transit.

Our packaging has been designed to not only keep your CURA jewellery safe during delivery, but also to house & protect your CURA jewellery for many years to come. Keeping your CURA jewellery in their box will protect them from other items that may scratch or scuff them, and will thus prolong their life. Read more about how to care for your unique CURA jewellery on our 'Care Tips' page.