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How to care for your CURA jewellery

All of our jewellery is hand manufactured using 100% recycled HDPE plastic, & gold and silver plated brass. Some of our silver earrings feature rhodium plated earring posts. 

HDPE plastic:

HDPE plastic is a light and sturdy material. Our manufacturing process ensures a smooth and even finish to our jewellery pieces. This smooth surface may be prone to scratches and scuffing if not treated with some care. Keep your jewellery safely away from abrasive materials & objects.  

Silver & Gold plated brass:

Gold plating is a process by which a thin layer of gold is coated onto the surface of jewellery. Our jewellery components are plated using a process known as ‘flash plating.  Extra care should be taken to prolong the lifespan of your plated jewellery. In order to do this avoid bringing your plated jewellery into contact with perfumes, oils, lotions and chemicals, rather only wear your jewellery once you are done working with those substances. You should also remove your plated jewellery when you are exercising, swimming or in the shower or bath.

Each item of CURA jewellery is packaged in a beautiful black box, designed to protect & house your unique jewellery. Read more about our packaging here

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