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 CURA Jewellery- Made with Care

CURA was born out of a desire to us waste products to create items that are not only beautiful, but can live forever. Our unique jewellery is made using recycled elements, whilst still caring for our environment and combating the issue of pollution and waste. Our philosophy revolves around 'reduce', 'reuse', 'recycle', and this philosophy extends to all parts of our business. Our packaging is designed to house & protect your jewellery, made from sustainably sourced materials. This means we avoid any single use paper, plastic and other packaging. 


CURA Jewellery is made from using 100% recycled HDPE plastic, and ethically sourced gold and Silver/Rhodium plated brass components. The HDPE plastic used in our jewellery is processed in an environmentally friendly manner, requires no virgin materials and results in no waste or by-products.   

We strive to create beautiful jewellery that will not only bring you joy, but will be cherished for many years to come. The more CURA Jewellery we create, the less plastic waste we have in our oceans and eco systems.