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What is HDPE plastic?

 HDPE, or High Density Poly Ethylene, is a type of plastic most commonly used for bottle caps, shampoo bottles and other cleaning products. It can be identified by a small triangle with the number '2' in the centre. Sometimes this little symbol will include 'HDPE' or 'PEHD' below it. This classification symbol can be found on the underside of the bottle or lid.

Why use HDPE?

 HDPE plastic is a 'thermo plastic'. This means it can be heated up and moulded into different shapes. Some plastics release harmful and toxic fumes when heated/ melted, but HDPE releases no harmful fumes, thus making it a safe plastic to work with. It can be reheated, remoulded and recycled repeatedly. It is also unfortunately one of the most plentiful forms of plastic waste.

Whilst this plastic is recycled often, gaining new life in the form of more bottle caps and detergent bottles, it remains trapped in this cycle of single use products. It is also not always recycled next time around, so while it stays in this cycle, it still has the opportunity to end up in places it should not be- nature. It has also been proven that recycling plastics to be used again for single use items actually causes an increase in production of virgin plastics, as it encourages the need of this material. CURA jewellery aims to reduce pollution by sourcing waste HDPE from communities with recycling challenges, and give this plastic a new, longer life in the form of cherished jewellery

How do I look after my CURA jewellery?

 Please read our page on Care Tips 

Who made my CURA Jewellery?

 All CURA jewellery is made by the owner and creator of the brand, in Lausanne, Switzerland. Find out more here 

Can I recycle my CURA jewellery when I no longer want it?

 While we hope you will never tire of your unique CURA jewellery, we understand that tastes and trends change. Should you decide that you no longer want you CURA items, they indeed can be recycled! However, in order to be recycled properly, the metal parts need to be removed. If you send us your CURA jewellery, we can disassemble the items, and recycle the HDPE and metal separately. In return, you receive 15% off your next purchase. This way we ensure the circular life cycle of our products, and we continue to encourage better recycling & responsible business practices. Contact us on should you need to arrange recycling of your CURA jewellery.  

Where do you source the metal parts for CURA jewellery?

All the metal hardware/parts used in CURA jewellery are sourced from a small manufacturer in Turkey. They use a mix of new and recycled metals.  

What packaging do you use?

All CURA jewellery is packaged in a beautiful luxury black box. We use a manufacturer that uses recycled paper and box board, who shares our passion for sustainability & earth friendly products. You can find out more about our packaging here

Do you use compostable or biodegradable packaging? 

Plant-based biodegradable packaging i.e paper is similar to compostable packaging, and the only big difference is the time it takes for the packaging to break down. Certified compostable packaging breaks down in about six months, while biodegradable packaging takes longer, typically well over a year. Unlike your food waste, compostable packaging can only degrade if it's taken to a special treatment facility and processed for a minimum of 12 weeks, at 58 C. This ensures it's reduced to just carbon dioxide, water and biomass. Not everyone has access to these facilities, which means the packaging will not be disposed of correctly. Incorrect disposal could mean the packaging ends up in a landfill, where it will release methane as it degrades. Methane is 25 time more potent then carbon dioxide.  Whilst paper is regarded as biodegradable, its better to recycle it, so we can reduce the impact of deforestation.  

Will I be charged customs or import charges for my purchase?

International Buyers – Please Note:
Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. These charges are the buyer's responsibility.

Please check with your country's customs office to determine what your additional costs will be prior to buying.

How long does shipping & delivery take?

Delivery of your order depends on your delivery destination and the day of your order.  Deliveries take place from Monday- Friday, and do not include weekends or public holidays. You can read more about our shipping policies here. 

What are your policies on returns?

We will be happy to refund your purchase, provided that it is returned within 7 days of receipt in original packaging and condition. 

In interests of hygiene and for your protection we do not accept returns of, or refunds on, earrings unless the items are of unsatisfactory quality or unfit for purpose. Please read our guarantee page for returns involving items of non-conformity.

We reserve the right to refuse to exchange or refund items that are not returned within 7 days of delivery. 

CURA is committed to packing and protecting its products to be shipped, but is in no way responsible for any damage that may occur during delivery, these being the responsibility of the transport service.

We do not accept returns on promotional or sale items.

you can read more about our exchanges/returns policy here 

How do I return my purchase?

You can contact us on to arrange your return 

Where do you deliver to?

We currently delivery throughout Europe (excluding Russia) & the USA. CURA will not be responsible for any duty/ customs fees applicable to international deliveries if you are ordering from outside of Switzerland.

All shipping fees and estimated times of delivery are made available on our shipping policy page. Delivery fees are flat rates based on weight and delivery destination. You can read more about our shipping policy here.